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Spa Buyers Guide Continued - The Fun Stuff

Now on to the fun stuff. All of us have different reasons and motivations for owning a spa. But I would guess that for most of us, its to reap the therapeutic rewards a spa offers. Relaxation, rejuvenation, stress relief, and of course to help with stiffness, aches, and pains. The first things that comes to mind in that regard are jets and hot water. And while itís true that hot water is the most therapeutic part of hottubing, it is undeniable that a good thrashing from some well placed jets can certainly feel amazing. This leads us to comfort and massage.

Every spa offers a different variety of seating. The most common though, are contoured and barrier-free. Contoured seating is used by many manufacturers in hopes to offer increased comfort and stability by sculpting each seat with dramatic angles and ergonomics allowing bathers to relax and stay put without floating up and away. The downside to many bathers is that often you feel confined and it is more difficult to move from one seat to the next. Typically, contoured seating tends to be much deeper as well and thus not catering to shorter individuals.

Barrier-free seating is very much the opposite. It offers more of the traditional bench style seats that were common many years ago. The benefits are smooth and easy transition from one seat in the spa to the next and a feeling of freedom rather than confinement. However, while using the therapy jets in many barrier-free spas, it is somewhat of a challenge, often times, to stay seated in front of the jets as they constantly attempt to force you out. Also, it is more conducive to people of all heights and has been the more popular choice, especially among those who have grown up with hottubs over the past 15 or more years.

Now, a spa really isn't a spa without the ability to give a good massage. And just as the quality and the engineering of spas has improved over the years, so have the jets that are in them. While any spa with jets can offer some form of massage, a quality spa will have jets that are well placed, well engineered, well powered, and have a good mix and variety of them. Each and every jet has a specific feel or function if you will. Some are powerful and intense. Others are soft and soothing. Some rotate while others pulsate. There are even jets that sweep up and down the entire length of your back. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Where do YOU need the jets to hit you? What type of feel and power do YOU desire? Find the spa that offers what it is that you specifically need or want. Make sure though, that the jets are properly recessed so they arenít protruding into you neck or back making it uncomfortable. Some examples of companies that have let the industry in jet innovation are as follows:

  1. Sundance Spas

  2. HotSpring Spas

It is also important to keep in mind, that when you are shopping for your new spa, not to get caught up in the horsepower game. Horsepower is used in the spa industry the same way it is used in the auto industry, as a measure of the motors output of power. Horsepower tho, is just a number and none of us can feel a number. When you have selected a spa of interest, feel what the pressure is like in one of the operational models they have on display. If you are so inclined, it is best to test soak in one or two spas that you have narrowed down your search to. If you test more than two spas, they start to all blur together and in most cases you will end up purchasing the spa you soaked in last, whether or not that was the spa you liked most.

All this information was put together by West Coast Aqua Supply with hopes that it would help consumers make an educated decision rather than to confuse them or scare them away from owning a spa. A spa can be one of the best purchases someone can make if they take the time to be educated and choose wisely. And it is always important to remember that a spa and its warranty are only as good as the manufacturer and retailer that stand behind it. Buy from a reputable company with a strong history and one that hasnít changed brands over and over again. Make sure they have their own service department rather than outsourcing for their warranty work. All this will save you time, money, and any added stress that you were hoping to cure by getting a spa in the first place.

We, at West Coast Aqua Supply, hope that our views will be supported by your own investigation and research,and, that your new spa will be everything you want it to be and more.

Happy hunting and enjoy your new spa.

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